Introduction to Hosting

The Visa Application Process

Once you have been connected to your Ukrainian individual or family and have mutually agreed to proceed, follow this link to complete the application: Homes for Ukraine Visa Application.

By submitting the visa application you are subjecting yourself, anyone over 18 living with you, and the Ukrainian Applicant to government safeguarding and security checks.

Helpful pointers / tips before you start

We have prepared two files to help you complete the application and a list of frequently asked questions. You can also contact the Government Visa Helpline on 08081 648 810

Click here to view: a detailed guide with supporting screenshots and an example of a completed application to demonstrate the types of information that you enter for each question in the application. (Note - The above guides do not include the parental consent section which has recently been added to the form. If your family includes a child/children then they will need to include a letter of consent.)

Our top tips:

  • Gather as much of the information as you can before you start

  • Allow 1-2 hours for the first time you complete an application

  • Let the Ukrainian individual / family know when you will be completing the application as you may need to ask for clarification or additional information

  • You complete one application per person you are sponsoring, so to avoid mixing up details and documents, focus on completing one application at a time

  • If the Ukrainian Applicant does not have an International Passport then they will need to visit a Visa Application Centre (VAC) to provide their biometric data. Agree up front in which country they want to attend the VAC appointment and how many days it will take to get there

  • The majority of the application is completed from the perspective of the Ukrainian Applicant. There is a section at the end to declare that you are a third party submitting on behalf of the applicant

  • Read through and check your answers. You can edit your answers before submitting

Lastly, remember that you are doing a good thing to support someone in need. After submitting the application, try not to over worry about whether or not you completed it correctly. If the Government need any additional information or clarification then they will contact you or the Ukrainian Applicant.

Support for Hosts and Families
FHFU is offering some support for hosts and families. Full details of which can be found on the support page.